Bishop Ellis are very proud of their status as an Eco School. Our key mission is to become a more sustainable school, which teaches children to become effective citizens by taking responsibility for the future of their own environment. The Eco Schools programme is supervised by Mrs Gough & Mrs Taylor.

Pupil involvement is a key part of being an eco school. As such, the children have taken control of all aspects of the programme. Through the fortnightly eco warrior meetings, they have evaluated the environmental impact of our school and have set their own targets that they would like to achieve to become more environmentally friendly.

Keep an eye on our Eco Warrior blog page for up to date information on what is happening at our meetings and photos of our activities which will all be published by the Eco Warriors themselves.

Our Eco Code

During our first Eco Warrior meeting, our Eco Warriors refreshed our eco code and wrote two new poems to share with the school. Our eco code is the promise that we have made together to try our best to improve the sustainability and environmentally friendliness of the school. Please read our eco codes below!