Welcome to Friends of Bishop Ellis

What is Friends of Bishop Ellis or FOBE?

Friends of Bishop Ellis (FOBE) is a Registered Charity (No.1077271). A parent, teacher and friends association. FOBE has raised thousands of pounds which have been spent on improving equipment as well as providing experiences and trips out that enhance our children’s education. These are all additional items that are beyond the usual school budget. FOBE also exists to provide closer links between home and school. The events organised are fun and a great way to bring everyone together in support of the school.

Who are Friends of Bishop Ellis?

Anyone with an interest in the education and life of the children at Bishop Ellis is automatically a member. Parents, teachers, admin and support staff, families, guardians, grandparents and parishioners are all members. Local businesses also become members by volunteering sponsorship, services or donations.

How do Friends of Bishop Ellis raise money?

The majority of funds are raised by hosting events. Our biggest events are the Christmas and Summer Fairs. Social events such as Bingo and Bake Off are great for families whilst the children enjoy going to the discos and movie nights with their friends. We also raise funds via TheGivingMachine. This is a charity that enables you to generate FREE donations to FOBE with every online purchase you make. Sign up today. It’s quick, easy and free.

How do Friends of Bishop Ellis spend the money raised?

Decisions on what is purchased are made at FOBE committee meetings. Suggestions can come from parents, teachers or children. We spend in ways that benefit all children across the years and curriculum. All members are volunteers so there are no staff costs. There are event running costs. We look to keep these to a minimum. We invite local businesses to donate or sponsor us to improve the profit raised.

How can I get involved?

Come along to support and enjoy the events. It’s a good way to help you find out more about how FOBE works whilst getting to know others. If you like planning events there are FOBE meetings about twice a term. Just turn up to find out more or share your ideas and support. If you enjoy practical tasks then you may prefer running the event e.g. serving refreshments, running a stall or game. If time is short perhaps you or your business could respond to appeals for donations or sponsorship. Maybe you have unique skills and knowledge to share that could help our charity run more efficiently or effectively.

Why should I get involved?

It is very rewarding to see how your participation can directly enhance the school facilities and provide exciting learning opportunities for your children. Children love to see parents and carers getting involved in their school life and teachers getting stuck into the fun of an event! Teachers and parents are very busy people yet every year we are amazed by the level of enthusiasm and support for our children. All help is on a voluntary basis and there are no expectations or strings attached. We appreciate that people offer the help they can when they can. All support is always gratefully received.

How do I contact Friends of Bishop Ellis?

Information regarding FOBE events and meetings is communicated via school newsletters, on our website and Facebook page. Messages can be left for the Chairperson at the school office, on the FOBE Facebook group or via email: fobe@bishopellis.leics.sch.uk

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Looking forward to meeting you and your families.

Contact Friends of Bishop Ellis

Email: fobe@bishopellis.leics.sch.uk

(To contact the school on other issues, go to the Contact Us Page)

Leave a message via the office or please talk to us in the playground