At Bishop Ellis, we recognise the importance of the outward signs of our identity as a Catholic school. The faith of our school community is communicated through signs, symbols, liturgical and curriculum displays. In addition to these displays, prayer corners in classrooms provide a focal point for children on which to centre prayer.

The prayer and worship of our school community is central to the life of our school. Our Catholic worship aims to engage the senses as well as the mind and it is our hope that the R.E. displays at Bishop Ellis encourage and reflect this, communicating our faith simply and effectively. All around our school, in both classrooms and in communal areas, you will find displays and other items that reflect the Catholic life of our school.

From the moment that you walk through the entrance area at Bishop Ellis, it is clear to see that we place great value in our identity as a Catholic school; from the Mitre of Bishop Ellis encased in a glass frame, to the statue of Our Lady, the Catholic ethos of our school is immediately tangible. Our school Mission Statement, (‘I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10) is placed in an area which immediately catches the eye and, along with our school values (love God, aspire to be our best, be honest, forgive, care), is a true reflection of what we desire for each individual in our community – to truly know the joy of a full and happy life.

Pentecost Term 2021

Pentecost Door Displays

Each class has put together a door display to share their RE work and to celebrate the Church’s celebration of Pentecost.

Easter Prayer Areas

Throughout the school, our prayer areas have been updated to show that we have now moved from Lent to Easter. White is the liturgical colour of the season and you can see lots of gold and yellow to highlight the most important season of the Church.

Lent Term 2021

Lenten Prayer Areas

Each classroom has a prayer area that children take ownership of. The colours change with the liturgical season and the contents change on a weekly, and sometime even a daily, basis. The colour of Lent is purple as we prepare for the glorious celebration of Easter.

RE Displays

These RE displays are taken from our Lenten topic looking at the events leading up to the Resurrection and how Christians are called to act during the season of Lent.

Stations of the Cross Door Displays

Each class has taken ownership of one of the Stations of the Cross. They decorated their classroom doors to share their station with the rest of our school community.

Advent Term 2020

Advent Prayer Areas and RE Displays

Here are our prayer areas from across school during the season of Advent:

Saints and Holy People

Each class has been learning about saints and holy people. After choosing a saint, they have made beautiful displays so that they can share their saint with the whole school community as they pass through the corridors.