School uniform is always worn at Bishop Ellis School and pupils are expected to adhere to it. It is designed to be practical, cost effective and long lasting. We thank parents for their great support in this.

There are three providers for our uniform, Earth Uniform, Rose Buddies and Uniform Direct (please find the links at the bottom of this page), who can provide all items. Plain items may be purchased from any supplier.

Winter (all year)

Red v-neck pullover/cardigan with school logo (NOT plain)
Grey trousers/pinafore/skirt
Plain White shirt (no gingham) suitable for a tie
School tie
Plain white or grey socks
Grey tights only (no leggings)
Plain hair bands: hair-coloured, red or white (no decoration)

Summer option (from after Easter to Autumn half-term)

Grey shorts, white shirt and tie
Red gingham dress
White or grey socks

Indoor P.E. Kit

Black shorts, Red t- shirt, Black plimsolls.

Outdoor P.E. Kit


Black jogging bottoms, plain red t- shirt, plain red sweatshirt, and trainers (warm hat for cold weather).


Plain sensible, black shoes (no sandals or trainers)


Long hair should be tied back for health (head lice!) and safety reasons. Governors would also ask that, when considering hairstyle, parents must avoid hair dye and cutting tracks or patterns in the hair.  While these may be fun in the school holidays, it is not appropriate for school.


Jewellery is not permitted as part of the school uniform. It is better if primary aged children do not have their ears pierced due to difficulties in removing earrings and keeping them safe.  However, one pair of plain gold/silver stud earrings is currently allowed.  For P.E. and swimming, the child must remove these items preferably before coming to school (they must be able to do this by themselves).

During the summer months we ask that children be provided with a suitable wide-brimmed sunhat (and sunglasses) to wear when outside.  Children may apply their own sun cream before going out to lunch.