Bishop Ellis Chaplaincy Team

Be an example for the believers in your love, speech, faith, conduct and purity.’ (Timothy 4:12)

The Chaplaincy Team plays a vital role in developing the spiritual life of the school. The children are supported in their work by Miss Kearns, the Lead Lay Chaplain for our school. If anyone has any ideas that they wish to share with the Chaplaincy Team, please speak to Miss Kearns, or one of the chaplains, as we are here to listen and to help!

The Chaplaincy team is made up of a group of children from across Upper Key Stage 2 who volunteer to assist in supporting the Collective Worship and Catholic Life across the school. The Chaplaincy team is led by the School Lay Chaplain.

The Chaplaincy team have many responsibilities including:

  • organising Worships, evaluations and evidencing liturgies in the class Worship Journal
  • providing support to younger children taking part in prayer and worship activities
  • designing Acts of Worship to lead with the younger children in the school
  • leading religious activities during the school year, but especially during Advent, Lent and Eastertide
  • deivering the weekly mission from Gospel Worship to all classes and for gathering mission responses from children throughout the week

Take a look at all the work our Chaplaincy Team have been doing!

Thoughts on Chaplaincy Team

Some members of this year’s Chaplaincy Team have shared their experiences. We thank God for their contribution to school life..

In March, we celebrated World Book Day. It is not only a day to celebrate the brilliance of books, but a day for us as a school to celebrate the importance of the bible. The bible is the Christian holy book. It is the most sold book worldwide; selling over 6.5 billion copies and in over 2000 languages. We looked at this during our phase assemblies.

By Baptiste, Enaka and Pearl.