Forest Schools

ran by Mrs Barber

I am very excited  that I have completed my Level 3 Forest School qualification! Over the past few years, alongside Mrs Purmah, I have been running clubs with the Year 5 children and have also intergrated it into the EYFS curriculum. I am passionate about the impact which Forest Schools has on the holistic development of the child, encompassing emotional intelligence, risk taking, self-esteem, team works, physical development skills, creativity and spirituality.

Every child should have regular access to inspirational and challenging outdoor learning, where they can enjoy first-hand experience of their cultural heritage and natural environment, as part of a full and complete childhood.’ (Real World Learning)

Learning experiences outside the classroom are often the most memorable learning experiences, helping children to make sense of the world around them, and the person within’

Here are some examples of some of the fantastic sessions we have had, as well as some information which may be of interest to you.

Hot chocolate and tree climbing.

It was some children’s first time climbing a tree! I bet you can’t guess who?! We made our hot chocolate using a Kelly Kettle, making the fire ourselves. It was delicious. Next week we will be whittling a toasting fork and cooking marshmallows.