Evaluation of Collective Worship Questionnaire for Parents – Summer Term 2017

Agree Disagree
I was made to feel welcome. 100%
There was a good variety of songs, prayers, story and reading in the worship. 100%
The mass/liturgy was well organised. 100%
The children were involved in the worship. 100%
The children knew what to do and spoke clearly. 98% 2%
It was clear that the children had taken part in writing parts of the mass/liturgy. 96% 4%
The collective worship included time for prayer and reflection. 98%


The collective worship was enjoyable and uplifting. 100%
The hymns, prayers, stories and reflection supported a main theme. 100%
Is there anything else you would like to add?

Percentages based on 62 responses.

The responses to this questionnaire were overwhelmingly positive. However, we are always keen to hear how you think we could make improvements to what we already do.

What are we going to do in response to this?

This year in school, we will focus on:

  • including more time for prayer and reflection in collective worship;
  •  prayers in whole school Masses and liturgies all being written by the children.

Summer Term 2017

This term, we are asking any parents or carers who attend collective worship in school (for example, a mass or a liturgy) to fill out a short questionnaire about their experience. Your input will be greatly valued. We will publish the results on this page towards the end of the summer term.

We will have paper copies of the questionnaire available for you to fill in following the collective worship. If this is not possible for you to do immediately after the collective worship has taken place but you would like to respond, please feel free to take a copy of the questionnaire with you and return it to school at your convenience, marked for the attention of Mrs Gunton.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help and support.

Evaluation of Catholic Life Questionnaire Responses – Summer Term 2017

Statement Agree/% Disagree/% Unsure/%
1. The staff at Bishop Ellis care about my child/ren. 95.1 1.6 3.3
2. Parents and carers are kept informed about religious education and worship. 93.4 3.3 3.3
3. The school offers a broad and balanced education based on the life and example of Jesus Christ. 93.4 3.3 3.3
4. Religious education, taught through the ‘Come and See’ programme, is challenging for the children. 49.2 4.9 45.9
5. Parents and carers are made to feel welcome in school and at events in the school’s Catholic life, such as masses and liturgies. 98.4 1.6
6. There are good opportunities for my child/ren to support those in need. 83.6 4.9 11.5
7. Children gain a clear sense of right and wrong during their time at Bishop Ellis. 90.2 6.6 3.2
8. Children at Bishop Ellis build up good personal relationships. 86.9 4.9 8.2
9. Children at Bishop Ellis show responsible attitudes towards other people and situations. 91.8 3.3 4.9
10. The spiritual life of the children at Bishop Ellis is nurtured and developed. 90.2 1.6 8.2

Percentages are based on 61 responses.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this questionnaire. It is really important to us to know your views about the Catholic Life at Bishop Ellis.

We are really pleased with the very positive responses given to this questionnaire. From your responses, we have identified two key areas in which we believe we could be better. These are related to the following areas:

Statement 4: The ‘Come and See’ programme for R.E.

We intend to hold a parent information meeting in the second half of the autumn to give information about how Religious Education (R.E.) is taught at Bishop Ellis. It is our hope that this meeting will provide the opportunity for parents to understand more about the ‘Come and See’ programme for R.E. and to ask any questions that they may have about it. We will advise you as soon as possible of the date of this meeting.

Additionally, we are currently working on a written document which gives detail about the ‘Come and See’ programme for Religious Education. This will be available on the school website as soon as it is complete. We will send a ParentMail out to let you know when this is available to view.

Statement 6: Supporting those in need.

We do a huge amount in school towards supporting those in need locally, nationally and internationally. Every year during Lent, the children in each class in the school choose a charity for which they will raise money. Throughout the year, we support the work of CAFOD. The children have regular assemblies about the work of CAFOD and there is a collection box in each classroom for small change; this is then counted at the end of each year and sent to CAFOD. At our annual Harvest Mass, the children donate produce to be sold and the proceeds from this sale are donated to charity. Every year, we support either Sport Relief or Comic Relief, the UNICEF Day for Change and other charities as the need arises. For example, following natural disasters, children will very often ask if they can do something to raise funds and we encourage this sense of responsibility in them.

At school level, the children support each other through:

  • the playground buddy system;
  • participation in the ‘Art of Brilliance’ which helps children to be more positive and cope better with challenges they face;
  • volunteering to be Four Plus helpers at lunchtime, encouraging children to play fairly and develop social skills;
  • becoming ‘Bus Buddies’ to help keep younger children safe;
  • participating in Chaplaincy work.

We always endeavour to keep parents and carers well-informed about how the children support those in need and include details of events in newsletters and ParentMail messages. However, we do recognise that we could publicise our fundraising efforts better and so we will identify how we can communicate better about what we are doing to support those in need.

Summer Term 2017 (19th – 26th May)

We would very much appreciate it if you would complete an online survey regarding the Catholic Life of our school by this Friday, 26th May – It will take no more than two minutes of your time!
The link for this survey was sent to you, via Parentmail, last Friday (19th May) – the link is not being published to this page as we require only parents and carers of children who attend Bishop Ellis to complete it. If you would prefer it, paper copies of the survey are available at the school office.

You need only complete the survey once, even if you have more than one child at Bishop Ellis.

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to complete the survey. Your feedback will really help us to further enhance the Catholic Life of our school.