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Hello from Caythorpe Court!



We arrived at 3pm ish, spent some time in our rooms and then had a site tour and played some games on the sports field.  After a lovely dinner (a choice from cottage pie/fish fingers/vegetable nuggets/chips/vegetables), we then went to our evening activity, which was sports games in the hall.  Everyone finished the day tired but happy and all the children were tucked up in bed by 10pm (not necessarily asleep though!). We had a great first day.



Breakfast was at 08:30 so we had a nice lie in!  Lots of choice for food, from bacon, beans and tomato, to cereals, toast, yoghurt and fruit.  We have had good weather today, which is a real bonus - today's activities have included raft building, climbing, archery, rifle shooting, kayaking and the challenge course.  All the children have tried their best at all activities and have really impressed the instructors with their cheerfulness and willingness to have a go.  Everyone has eaten well - lunch was a choice of soup and baguettes or wraps with salad and fruit, and dinner was mushroom stroganoff/spaghetti bolognaise/pork stew and veg with jam sponge and custard for dinner.  The children are currently on their evening activity, which is Passport to the World, a map-reading exercise that involves working in teams to find different flags hidden around the centre.  As they are all pretty tired, they will (hopefully!) get a good night's sleep so they are ready for tomorrow!




Today has been an action-packed day!  The children had a fantastic night's sleep last night as they were tired out from their first full day, so woke up this morning raring to go! We stuffed ourselves at breakfast with sausages, hash browns and spaghetti, along with the usual toast, fruit, yoghurt and cereals, then morning activities included All Aboard, Challenge Course, Jacob's ladder and Giant Swing.  It was jacket potatoes for lunch and then more activities in the afternoon - Orienteering and more Giant Swing.  Everyone then ate a big dinner (lasagne, vegetable lattice or chicken nuggets and chips) and now this evening's activity is Splash, where the children have to work together to build a protective container for their water balloon.  There are rumours that, if their water balloon survives being dropped in their container from the top of the climbing wall, the children then get to throw it at the teachers, but that can't be right.... sad


Another great day today - bacon, veggie sausages, omelettes and beans for breakfast and activities including Fencing, Jacob's Ladder, Raft Building and Survivor.  Everyone slept very well last night and we had to wake quite a few sleepy children up this morning!  Luckily we haven't been rained on at all yet - fingers crossed our good luck continues.  We had pasta for lunch and then the children have their last evening activity tonight.  Unfortunately, some of the group's water balloons from last night's activity did indeed survive the drop from the climbing wall, and the rumours about what the children did with their water balloons are sadly true.  Thankfully, Mrs Moreland did survive the experience of 49 over-excited children chasing her with a full water balloon...there may well be some form of payback though!  The children were very surprised at how fast teachers can run when they need to.


Tomorrow morning involves kayaking, so hopefully we won't arrive back at school in too soggy a state!  No photos today, but we will upload all remaining photos from the last couple of days when we are back in school next week.  


We look forward to seeing you all on Friday afternoon around 3pm ish, depending on what time we leave the centre.

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *