Wednesday 8th November 2023

Dear Parent or Carer
School Digital Health and Wellbeing Contact
During the school year 2023/2024 all children in Leicestershire and Rutland in year 6
will be invited to take part in a school digital health and wellbeing questionnaire.
Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s Healthy Together public health nurses
(formerly known as school nurses) will provide an electronic link to the school; this
digital form is not available to be completed at home. The school will not have access
to the answers your child provides. This is an opportunity for your child to highlight
any health concerns and to encourage them to take responsibility for their own health
from a young age.
The following topics will be covered within the contact:
• Emotional health and
• Bullying
• Online safety
• Healthy Lifestyle
• Body Changes/Puberty
• Transition to secondary
• Dental Health
• Immunisations
• Vision
An example of the questions is included below:
• Do you worry about moving to a new school?
• Do you have any problems going to the toilet?
The contact will provide interactive advice with clear direction on where your child can
access safe and appropriate support if required. You will be contacted by a member
of the Healthy Together Public Health Nursing Team if significant health concerns are
identified. You and your child can go to to access health
information on all of the topics discussed in the contact.