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I have come that you may have life - life in all its fullness (John 10:10)

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Wellbeing & Mindfulness

We know that being in lockdown can be very difficult, which can take a toll on our emotions and thoughts, therefore we would like to encourage you to take a break one afternoon a week, whether it's mid-way with a 'Wellbeing Wednesday' or at the end with a 'Feel Good Friday'. We want you to have a chance to do something you enjoy, practice some mindfulness or to try a new skill. If you do something and you would like to share it with us, feel free to send it through on your Class Dojo portfolio.


Clear your thoughts with some mindful colouring found in the link below.

Do some fast-paced exercise or dance session to release feel-good endorphins. A great way to boost energy levels and increase concentration and alertness.

Try some simple yoga poses to develop a sense of calm and wellbeing and create a space for some self-reflection.

Foster a positive outlook by thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for – you could write these down or draw them!

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill – e.g. potting plants, painting, tying your shoelaces, baking a cake.

Talk (or write) about a time when you had to do something difficult and you got through it. Explore how you felt beforehand and how you overcame the challenge. Think about which character strengths you used to help you.

Make a poster to thank your postman/postwoman and any delivery drivers that bring food and other items to your house, then display it outside your front door, where they'll see it.

Listen to some inspiring or uplifting music to get your Wellbeing Wednesday off to a great start. Singing along is definitely encouraged!

Dust off those board games and spend some time together having good old fashioned fun - If you need resources, try this lovely Snakes and Ladders Game. Could you create your own board game to play?

Try one of Twinkl’s How to Draw Animations?

(see resources)

Draw a strengths 'family tree' - either for your family, or for your group of friends, your class or your school. Think about how these character strengths you all have can help you overcome challenges together.

Make a playlist of your favourite feel-good music. Keep adding to the playlist every day as you think of more music that makes you feel happy. Every day, spend some time dancing to music from your playlist.

Every day, keep in touch with someone you can't see face to face. You can do this by phone, text, Skype, WhatsApp etc - use whatever technology you have available to connect with people you care about. This could be your friends, your grandparents, or other relatives, for example.

Make a list of seven kind things you can do for someone else. This could be for people you live with (e.g. do the dishes one evening, tidy your room, read with your sibling) or people you don't get to see every day (send a compliment by text, draw a picture for someone, etc). Each day, do one of the seven kind things from your list.

Watch a film, then talk with your family or friends (or teachers if you are at school) about the strengths you spotted in the various characters in the film. Give examples of how they used those strengths.

Knock, Knock? Write down and share your favourite jokes to brighten up everyone’s day.

Tip: To help you get started, here are some of our favourite jokes from Beano in the link below.

Have a go at laughter yoga. Sit in a still and laugh at everything and anything. What may start as a fake laugh will soon turn into a genuine free-flow of class happiness.


And breathe… Spend some time focusing on your breathing. Close your eyes and listen to your breath as they inhale for four and exhale for four.

Tip: Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position anywhere in the room.

Do you know a keyworker? Draw them as an ultimate superhero. This could be teachers, nurses, bus drivers or shop workers.

Have a restful day. Set aside time to relax. Home learning can be a stressful period so it’s important that we look after ourselves.

Try creating a calming collage using colours, patterns, images and words that you find soothing. You might paint your own coloured paper to add to your collage, or you could find patterns and images in brochures, magazines and photographs.


Three Good Things Write down ‘three good things’ that have happened this week at school. For each thing, think about how it made you feel at the time and why.

Take your pen for a walk -

Using a pen or felt-tip, let go of structured thinking and draw one fluid, continuous line on your paper, making abstract shapes as you go. When you have finished, observe what you have drawn. Can you see any familiar outlines? Fill the shapes with block colour or patterns using coloured pencils or pens.

Draw in response to music

Choose a piece of music you enjoy – any style, from classical to jazz, is perfect. When you have chosen your music, set out your paper and drawing or painting materials, using a selection of colours.

As you listen to the music let your response flow onto the paper, connecting the sound with the visual.

Mandalas -

Begin by drawing a circle by tracing a plate or bowl. Mark the centre point and begin to draw from there.

Natural objects such as pebbles, sea glass, shells, leaves and flowers can make beautiful mandalas. Natural mandalas can be photographed to create a record of your art.