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Welcome to KS1

Mrs McManus- KS1 leader and class teacher

Mrs McManus- KS1 leader and class teacher 1

Miss Hughes- class teacher

Miss Hughes- class teacher 1

Mrs Taylor - Class Teacher

Mrs Taylor -  Class Teacher 1

Mrs Padzinski - Class Teacher

Mrs Padzinski - Class Teacher 1

Miss Mistry - LSA

Miss Mistry - LSA 1

Miss Monk - LSA

Miss Monk - LSA 1 Miss Monk by Charlotte

Mrs Morley - LSA

Mrs Morley - LSA 1

Miss Walton - LSA

Miss Walton - LSA 1

Mrs Reynolds -LSA

Mrs Reynolds -LSA 1

Mrs Franklin-LSA

Mrs Franklin-LSA 1

Miss Makowski -LSA

Miss Makowski -LSA 1

Welcome to KS1


There are 3 classes in KS1 and the teachers are;


  • Mrs McManus (KS1 Leader & Y1-2 Teacher) and Miss Hughes (Y1-2 Teacher)

  • Mrs Padzinski (Y1-2 Teacher)

  • Mrs Taylor (Y1-2 Teacher)


Please come and see us if you have any questions or would like to speak to us about your child. We do ask that if you would like to speak to us for a longer period of time, that it is best to make an appointment with the school office (0116 269 5510) or find us after school. The start of the day can be a tricky time to discuss issues or answer questions in depth as the classrooms are being set up for the new school day.


PE and Swimming - please get your child's ears pierced in the summer holiday

Each class does PE twice a week and need indoor and outdoor PE kits in school. Year 2 children start swimming after Easter and go every Friday. Children with earrings need to be able to take them out on their own. Teachers and support staff are unable to be able to take the children's earrings out.


If you are thinking of letting your child have earrings, please can you arrange for this to be done in the summer holiday. As earrings need to be kept in for a length of time after they have first been pierced, any children who have their ears pierced during the other holidays find it a challenge to join in with P.E. and swimming lessons.



It is really important to still read with your child even though they have started school. We look for the children to aim for 5-10 minutes per day. Even if you could aim to read for a short time each day, it makes a real difference to their progress. Children are encouraged to change their books on their own and read daily at school.




* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *