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Week Commencing 16.11.20

Maths Overview






Lesson 1

Place value

Counting forwards and backwards in ones from any given number


Practically- place value with tens and ones

Tens and ones using jottings and a place value chart

Place value- representing numbers in different ways

Lesson 2

Comparing numbers

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Comparing objects- recap then compare numbers (vocab not symbols)

Using = < > to compare numbers

Comparing using + < > and explaining using place value

Lesson 3

Comparing number statements/ sentences

1 more/ 1 less- year 1

10 more/ 10 less- year 2

Comparing using vocabulary not symbols

Using < >  = to compare statements a + b __ c

Using < > + to compare number sentences.

a+ b __c+d

Lesson 4

Number bonds/ fact families

Filling in missing numbers on a number line



Bonds to 10

Bonds to 20 and fact families

 Bonds to 100 and fact families


Lesson 1- Can I add the suffix - ing to a verb?

Recap what a verb is- a doing or action word. Work through the two Power Points and then choose one of the activities to complete ( Mild ,Spicy or Extra Hot).

Lesson 6-  Can I plan my own Superhero story?

Re-read the text of Superworm. Discuss the main features of the story- Introduction( character description with setting- build up- problem- resolution-ending). Explain they are going to plan their own Super animal story using the Superworm story to help. Who could be the super animal( maybe a ladybird or snail etc)? Who could be the evil character?

Begin to use the story mountain document to organise your ideas and plan your Super.... story.

In R.E this week we are learning about another faith- Judaism.

Read through the lesson plan notes  for each lesson and then choose one of the activities( either red, gold or green).

 Work through the Power Point presentation. Then pick one of the activities to complete either red, gold or green.