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Week commencing 14.12.2020

English- Writing a Letter to Santa

Lesson 4- English

LO: Can I write the first part of my  letter?

Explain to the children that today the children are going to be writing their own letter using the success criteria and their plan to help them.

Success Criteria

  • correct layout ( address, date , Dear , Paragraphs, From)
  • punctuation (including ? for questions)
  • sentences that make sense
  • handwriting

Have a look at the sample letter with the children and get the children to discuss what we need to include first of all- name, address, date, dear father Christmas.

Model setting these out.

Look at the first paragraph- remind the children of lesson 2- what does the first paragraph do? (Explains why we are writing and asks father Christmas some questions.)

Model writing the first paragraph with the children. Focus on asking questions and including why I am writing.

Children to write the first part of their letter.

Lesson 5- English

LO: Can I write the end  part of  my letter?

Let’s remind ourselves of the job of the second paragraph- it tells Father Christmas what you would like for Christmas and includes some describing.

Model writing the next part of the letter including the description and explaining from the class plan. Model putting notes into full sentences and discuss how to improve sentences to make them more interesting with conjunctions to extend and adjectives to describe.

Children to write the final part of their letter.

Lesson 6- English

LO: Can I edit and improve my letter?


 Allow children time to edit and improve their letter using the following criteria.



I think...

My teacher thinks...

Punctuation (ABC . ? !)









Spelling– have I used my sounds?