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I have come that you may have life - life in all its fullness (John 10:10)

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Week Commencing 12.10.2020

Lesson 4-In English, we are writing a simple poem with a focus on verbs( action words).

Look at the PowerPoint which has some ideas of a poem.

The children are to write a poem with 1 or 3 verses for a 'When I grow up...' similar to the one on the PowerPoint resources.


Lesson 5-6 - In English, we are writing sentences to describe a setting of a fire using our senses to help us.

Watch the video clip( showing a house on fire) up to 3 minute point to help the children generate some ideas.

Then use the  'Mind Map of Senses' sheet to help them organise their thoughts.

Finally, write sentences to describe the setting using ideas linked to the senses.

The writing focus is  to use of full stops, capital letters correctly with the challenge of  including adjectives and conjunctions( and, but,so, because, when etc).


Lesson 7-8  In English, we are going to  re-read the story of Charlie th e Firefighter( story can be found on home learning page of 5-10-20)

Show the children the pictures of the main parts of the story( see resources). Can they order the parts?

Model how to verbalize  a sentence to match the picture and rehearse what they are going to write.

Write sentences which they have orally rehearsed to tell each part of the story.

Year 2 children to extend their sentences with adjectives  and conjunctions.






In science, we are investigating  the properties of everyday material and describing how they  behave. For example, bendy or stiff, absorbent or waterproof  and transparent or opaque.