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Wednesday 30th June 2021

Good morning everyone. We are available on Class Dojo if you need us. Here is the work for today. You shouldn't need to print anything off so you can just write on paper for the next few days. This morning you will be completing English all morning.


English morning

Task 1

In this lesson, we will look at two types of figurative language in detail: simile and personification. We will then have a go at writing our own sentences with a type of figurative language. Next, we will generate vocabulary (adjectives, verbs and adverbs) for the opening scene of Macbeth using the Animated Macbeth clip as a stimulus. Lastly, we will write two sentences using the vocabulary generated. 

Watch the lesson below and complete the activities. This will give you lots of excellent vocabulary for your writing today.

Task 2

In this lesson, we will use a clip from Shakespeare's Animated Tales and pictures from the clip to plan adjectives, verbs, adverbs, figurative language and adverbial phrases for each section of the clip. Watch the lesson below which will help you to plan your writing.

Task 3

In this lesson, we will use the plan from the previous lesson to write a description of the play's setting. The success criteria will be shared and we will use this to help us to complete the writing. The teacher will model writing the setting description whilst using the plan and success criteria to develop ideas. Watch the clip below to help you to write your own setting description.

Task 4

Once you have finished your work, use a dictionary to check your spellings and thesaurus to improve your vocabulary.

You can find both links below. You could also add a picture of your setting and label it with evidence from the text.

Science - Light



Continuing with our learning about light, we are going to be learning about refraction and what it is.


In this lesson, we will learn what happens when light travels through two transparent materials. We're going to learn what refraction is, how we can use it and we will carry out an investigation to show that refraction is occurring. For this lesson you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. If you would like to take part in the demonstration you will need a piece of plain paper and a transparent glass of water. If you don't have these things then don't worry! You can still complete the lesson and watch the teacher's demonstration.

Follow this link to access the lesson:


(I have also posted it at the bottom of the page)



1) Record yourself demonstrating refraction - ensure you explain each part of the investigation and what is happening (use the Scientific vocabulary!)


Draw/write a step by step guide for how to show refraction (including full sentences and subject specific vocabulary



End quiz


Joseph production


Please spend some time rehearsing for the play. By next Monday you need to know your words off by heart ready for the recording.


Things you can do if you have finished your work:


  • Go on Time Tables Rockstars
  • Read and complete an activity from your reading journal grids
  • Complete additional transition activities to help you prepare for secondary school