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w/c 28th September


Watch each maths lesson and then have a go at the relevant fluency work.



Task 1 

Read through the Types of Pronoun document and make sure you understand all 7 types of pronoun. Complete the Activity Sheet Replace The Nouns. 

Task 2 

Read through the Features of a Diary document. Choose either Diary Sample A, B or C from the Diary Writing Examples pdf document and see if you can spot and label the diary features in it.

Task 3 

Re-watch the BBC Teach Introducing Ancient Egypt video

Imagine you are Nefer. It is your big day, feeding the Pharaoh. Write a diary entry describing what you did, as well as your thoughts and feelings. You could start: 

Dear Diary, 

What an amazing day! Today I ...



Task 1

Go through the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Powerpoint. (Ask an adult to read you the gods and goddesses information.) Choose a god or goddess and complete the Ancient Egypt's Got Talent sheet. 

Task 2 

Create your own Ancient Egyptian god or goddess! Draw and label a picture, describing what powers they have. 




Go through the Lesson Presentation Reflective Surfaces. Using the Activity Sheet Testing Reflective Materials, carry out an investigation to find the most reflective material for a school book bag design. Draw your design on the Activity Sheet Choosing a Material. 

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *