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See below the attached home learning for Year 6 – please submit the tasks you have completed to your portfolio on Class Dojo.



This week, we are continuing to learn about fractions. Please watch the video link and then complete the fluency sheet.


Aut6.11.5 - Divide fractions by integers (1)

This is "Aut6.11.5 - Divide fractions by integers (1)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Watch the Wallace and Gromit cracking contraption short clip – the Snoozatron. This week we will be writing an explanation for the machine in the same style as the Tidy Your Bedroom machine.


Look at the powerpoint. Begin to list words/phrases that you could use for each section as a precursor to planning. This can include noun phrases like ‘mechanical, extendable arms’ ‘pillow plumper’ etc. Edit and improve these as you go. 


Use the 'Tidy your bedroom' example to plan your own explanation text in the same style. 

The Snoozatron - Cracking Contraptions - Wallace and Gromit

Getting to sleep can be a problem when you eat as much cheese as Wallace. His solution is the "Snoozatron", a simple device to aid the restless insomniac. Fo...




Punctuation – remember to check your work using your punctuation card.



Spelling – have you used the word list? Do you need to use a dictionary or ask a super speller for help?



Writing target – remember to check the front of your book for your own target. 




Write your explanation text for the machine using the above success criteria. Remember to check and edit your work when you are finished. Use the attached documents to support you. 



There is a lot of difference between ‘I would like/wish for’ and ‘I expect’. Suppose I am expecting visitors to arrive at my house for a party. I am not just wishing that they will come, I am expecting them to come and because of my expectation, I have made sure that there are enough food and party bags etc.


To expect something means that there is a strong possibility, even a certainty, that it is going to happen.


It is good to have high expectations of a person. It gives them confidence. However, expectations of yourself and others have to be realistic.


Read this story:


Grandad was in his shed at the bottom of the garden and Harry and Emma really loved going to watch him make things. He was making a play house for the children.

‘I wish I was as clever as you,’ said Harry, ‘When we make anything in school I am rubbish. Nothing turns out as I want it.’


‘Me too,’ joined in Emma, ‘I am useless at art and things like that.’


‘Well,’ responded Grandad, ‘I don’t think you two are rubbish or useless. You can help me, and then we shall see. I have great expectations of you both.’


Grandad showed Harry how to saw and glue and to make a small table and bed to go into the play house. He helped Emma to paint the outside of the house. They worked together all day. Harry and Emma concentrated really hard and asked Grandad for help when they were unsure. Eventually the play house was complete and ready for them to take home and play with.

‘I will bring it round to your house tomorrow when it is all dry,’ declared Grandad.


Next day, Grandad arrived with the play house. Grandma had made covers, rugs and curtains. Harry and Emma’s Mum and Dad were amazed and delighted.  The children couldn’t believe their eyes.  They were so excited.


‘That is wonderful!’ proclaimed Mum, ‘Grandad you are so clever.’


‘Not just me. This is the work of Harry and Emma. They are very good at making things. They are talented.’ replied Grandad. ‘I knew they were good and my expectations of them were fulfilled.’


Harry and Emma felt very proud and so did their parents.


Task 1:


Why is it important to have high expectations?


Prepare a presentation (song, poster, poem) to answer this question and share with the rest of the class.


Show how your own and others’ decisions are informed by beliefs and values.

Can you think of examples when our expectations have been formed by our beliefs?


Include the reasons why, showing the effect this has on others. 


The word Advent means coming or arrival.  It reminds us of the anticipation and expectation over hundreds of years by the people of Israel for their Messiah and Promised One – Emmanuel (God with us).


We wait in expectation of the coming of Jesus, God made human, God with us, because God is always faithful and loving and keeps promises.


Read 1 Cor 16: 13-14, which outlines the expectations for Christians in Advent.


‘Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.

Let love be in all.’


‘Maranatha’ is an Aramaic phrase meaning ‘Lord, come!’


Talk about the Advent wreath and Advent calendar from Mission Together or CAFOD and how they help Christians to prepare, in expectation, for coming of the Messiah, Jesus.


Task 2:

Explore the meaning of the words from Scripture, ‘Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.  Let love be in all.’ Create mind maps for each aspect, giving examples of how it is lived out within our daily lives.