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WC 21-6-21

Explain that today, we’ll be planning new persuasive text  all about  visiting the jungle. Ask the children how they could find out facts about Jungles. What sorts of things could we find out (encourage them to use the learned text questions to help.).  Show the children the videos about jungle tours.

 Make a note of interesting adjectives, others good verbs and others interesting phrases.

Complete the Boxing up of the text activity- There is an EXAMPLE version for ideas.

Lesson 5

Ask the children to help you create a toolkit (S.C.) for this writing.

-Use conjunctions like so, because, but, and, when, if. (Usually only one per sentence.)

-Use word bank.

-Check your punctuation. ? !  commas in a list

- Neat handwriting

- Correct layout

 Recap the feature needed for a persuasive text


Catchy Heading

Key information   given

Repeated main ideas to persuade the reader.

Pictures to  entice you

Important events


 Amazing noun phrases- WOW adjectives

Questions- Rhetorical

 !( excitement) or exclamation sentence

Use of bossy( imperative verbs) Come, join,


Model using the plan to write the first few sentences. (Very short to give the children as much time as possible for the write)

Shared Reading - Bit Bear