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w/c 16th November


Watch the video for the lesson and then complete the relevant fluency worksheet.


Task 1: Work your way through the PowerPoint on using paragraphs and have a go at the worksheet.


Task 2: Last week, we planned our own adventure story and wrote the beginning to the story. Have a go at writing the build-up to your adventure story.


If you need any help, then use these lessons based on writing a narrative on Aladdin to help:


Task 1: 

Use the powerpoint to find out about the Jewish Holy Book and then complete one of the tasks.



Task 2:

Watch the video which explains how the Torah scrolls are made.

Then create a comic strip to show the process.


Look through the powerpoint about how sound travels. Then use two cups and some string to make a telephone. Investigate what happens when you use your string telephone. 


Work through  the PowerPoint about how rivers are formed and then pick one of the rivers in India to create a poster about. Remember to include a brief explanation about how rivers are formed. 

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *