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WC 03.01.22

In RE this term, the children will explore the theme of Local Church, which is our story. The parish is where people gather together to celebrate and practise care and love for each other. The diocese is the community of the Christian faithful. The Local Church theme focuses on the people of God, gathered in Christ, united in the journey of faith, in care for one another, in sharing their story and in celebration.

The experience of community is an essential and enjoyable part of life for people of every age and faith. The cycle of a year and the span of a lifetime contain occasions for regular celebrations as well as unexpected surprises, when people want to celebrate with family, friends and communities.

The Church’s celebrations are also community occasions. On Sundays, the parish family gathers together. It is a time to remember how much there is to celebrate; a time to say thank you; a time to know that God’s love is offered and made visible here and now in Jesus and in people. Sacraments are more formal special moments: signs of ‘God-with-us’, who journeys with his people; signs of strength and blessing for life.


L.O: I can find out about Baghdad’s role in the early Islamic civilisation.

This term, we are going be learning about the Islamic civilization known as the Golden age and thinking about the big question-

Why was the Islamic civilization (AD900) known as the Golden Age?

As we read Tales from the Arabian nights we are going to be learning about what life was like in a place called Baghdad. In ancient times, Baghdad was a tiny village in a region dominated by Babylon and other powerful city-states. Today this city, once famous for its Arabian Nights tales, is the capital and largest city of Iraq.

Task 1- Can you find Baghdad in an Atlas or on the website-

Task 2- Look at the Knowledge Organiser and talk through with someone at home

Task 3- Complete vocabulary activity- can you match the word to its definition

Task 4- Work through Powerpoint- The importance of Baghdad.

Task 5- What do you think were the main differences between living in the Islamic World and Europe around the 10th – 11th century.

Can you match the statement to the area of the world at this point in history? Use the resource sheet to help you

Task 6- Imagine you are growing up in Baghdad in the year 900. Write a letter to your friend who lives elsewhere in the world, explaining why Baghdad is such an exciting city to live and study in.