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Spellings last half term was taught in classes whilst we were carrying out our initial assessments of the children's abilities.  Having now completed our assessments, we have grouped the children across year 3/4 so that they are able to all access spellings at their appropriate level.  The groups will also be smaller than a full class size so the children will receive targeted support.  This follows the same structure which is working successfully in KS1.

If you have any queries or feel that you want to be able to support your child more at home then please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher either at the end of the day or through contacting the school office.

Many Thanks

Year 3/4 Team. 

Spelling with Spellits

Spelling with the Spellits


This website offers a fun way for your child to improve their spelling. There are 3 games designed for children between 7 ­ 11 years old. In each game the child is drawn into a story and has to follow a quest or solve a mystery by doing some spelling challenges. If your child makes a mistake, the game will automatically offer them some help. This means they can work through the challenges on their own. Many children will enjoy the games more if they play with a friend. They'll find it easier to say the words out loud and have a giggle over some of the 'say it silly' spelling strategies. Don't forget to write down the clues as you go along so, if dinner-time interrupts a game, it can be continued later. Once your child has collected all the clues in a game, click on the Finished button, type in the clues and see how the story ends

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