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School Council go behind the scenes

Hello everyone! If you didn't already know,our School council went behind the scenes of our new school building. Lee, the construction  manager showed us around the building site. We would like to say well done to everyone involved in the building as it looks great, and will look amazing once it is complete! Thank you to Mrs Henry and the staff for making this new school dream become a reality.

The first picture is when we were walking down the path and saw waste disposals, fences, metal poles and the fence that separates the construction from our playground.The path was full of stones and breeze blocks ,which are to make sure that the metal poles don't blow away. We saw a big lorry coming by, carrying stones and gravel.

As you can see, there are 3 pipes: 2 blues and 1 yellow. The larger blue pipe was for the brand new sprinkler system (in case of a fire). The smaller blue pipe was for the tap, water fountain, toilet and kitchen water supply. Although it is the smaller pipe, it was the longer one therefore it has more storage space. The yellow pipe was the gas mains and provided all the heating supply and kitchen gas supply. This consists of the hobs, ovens and stoves. 

This is one of the machines used on the site. It is a large crane/digger with a hook on the end to cling onto any bucket the driver requires. We were lucky enough to sit in the cab and have a photo.        










































The wide range of what looks like concrete pathways are actually our new school's foundations. These are to ensure the school doesn't collapse.  Some of us were lucky enough to mark our names in the wet concrete so they will stay there underneath the school forever.