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I have come that you may have life - life in all its fullness (John 10:10)

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Poetry Workshops

This week, our visiting poet, Andy, was in school working with our Key Stage 2 children.  He wrote a fantastic poem for our school and then ran some brilliant workshops for years 3 - 6. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and produced some amazing poems, some of which we saw in assembly, along with a special beat box performance involving Mrs Padzinski and Mr Banks!  It was very entertaining!

Some of the poems the children wrote will be available on the website in due course, along with photos of the events.  


Below is the poem Andy wrote when he arrived at the school on Tuesday morning:


I’ve got words for Bishop Ellis Primary



I’ve got words for Bishop Ellis on a bright sunny morning,

Caffeinated words for the teachers still yawning. 

Words as big as mountains, others that are small,

Words like hands up, to Olly, sitting somewhere in this Hall.


Words can express the excitement you’re feeling,

On rollercoasters or when James is on his bike, free-Whelan.

Words about space you hear on the breaking news,

A new planet has been discovered by Neve Hughes.


Got polite words like please and thanks

Rich words like money that Isaac keeps in his Banks.

Got words written in glitter, it makes them shiney,

Words can be spotty or squiggly or like Shae’s, Liney.


Words like eugh get off, when my brother’s dog tries to kiss me.

Words for Sherlock Holmes when he’s like Priti, solving a Mistry.

words like nevermind to pick you up when you fall.

Words like gooooaaaaaalllll after every time Ross gets the Ball.


Words for witches and wizards who zoom around on a broom.

Words like crater for where Emma lives, on the Moon.

Words for all of the different colours you’ve seen

Whether it’s Thomas Grey or Millie Green.


Words like pollen and petals at top flower shows,

Where first prize is given to Jack for his Rose.

But it takes time to water them, so he needs a partner

With a watering can, it’s Marley the Gardner.


Words from musicians, songs from guitar strummers,

On The Voice or X factor, singing like Dylan Summers.

Words in fairy tales that deliver the goods.

With Goldilocks, the three bears, and Max in the Woods.


Words like trouble if you go to the dark side with bad behaviour,

So be good like Caiden, not like his dad, Darth Vadher.

Words like ‘tidy your room’ that might make you frown,

Words for Shayan Kotecha and Lucas Brown.


Words like seasoning when your foods been salted and peppered.

Words for lost sheep, not bo peep’s, but Cole the Sheppard’s.

Words can build worlds like Hogwarts, paint pictures like art.

Words can be cutting, if you’re like Star and Lexi, Sharpe.


Words like smooth when you’re bald, like my father. 

If you want to look like this, go see Cody the Barber.

You’ve had so many words, thousands, millions,

But there’s more poems waiting to be written by Stephanie Williams.