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Monday 28th June 2021

Good morning everyone. We are available on Class Dojo if you need us. Here is the work for today. You shouldn't need to print anything off so you can just write on paper for the next few days. This morning you will be completing English all morning.


English morning

Task 1

Re-read from the bottom of page 279 to the top of page 281 – when Macbeth decides to kill Banquo. 

How must Macbeth felt at this time?

Task 2

 Read through the text and collect up vocabulary that might describe his personal feelings. 

Complete a shades of meaning activity.  Choose one of the words for example, sad

 Use your imagination and thesaurus to collect up other words that have similar meanings.  Then arrange these on a gradient according to the strength of the word, e.g.

Upset   sorrowful  dejected   desperate   depressed    desolate   despairing   inconsolable   devastated.

Repeat this with 3 other words e.g. worried, scared, angry, 

Task 3

Planning task:  To plan a letter in the role as Macbeth to Banquo, apologising for his actions in order to relieve his guilt. 

This should include an,

opening- state the purpose of the letter

middle- state his feelings and reasoning for his actions

ending- give an apology and request his forgiveness.



Remember you should sound like Macbeth and so should include some Shakespearian language.


Take a look at the success criteria below and make sure that your plan includes all of these elements.


Task 4

Write your letter. Use your plan to support you. Keep checking against the success criteria.

Have you included all of the elements?

Macbeth Text



Science - Light


This afternoon we would like you to complete a lesson on the Oak National Academy website. This will continue the work we have begun on light - we will be focusing on reflection in particular. 


The link to the lesson is as follows (I will pop this as a separate link at the bottom of the page):


By the end of the lesson video (which is about thirty minutes) we would like to produce two pieces of work:


1) A glossary of terms for the 'star words' mentioned in the video.

2) A poster all about reflection. You may want to make notes as you watch the video so you have all of the information you need. Please include images and diagrams if you can and ensure you've explained the process.



Complete the quiz at the end of the lesson.


Joseph production


Please spend some time rehearsing for the play. By next Monday you need to know your words off by heart ready for the recording.


Things you can do if you have finished your work:


  • Go on Time Tables Rockstars
  • Read and complete an activity from your reading journal grids
  • Complete additional transition activities to help you prepare for secondary school