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How should we pray?

How should we pray?

How we pray depends on the purpose of our prayer. We may, for example, be asking God for help with something, or thanking Him for something that we are grateful for.

Most people find it easier to pray by using the traditional prayers of the Church (please refer to prayer booklets which will be available in the summer term 2017), or by praying the rosary. Structured prayer helps us to focus our thoughts and reminds us of the way in which to pray.

As our prayer life deepens, we should try to advance beyond written prayer to a personal conversation with God. While written prayers or prayers that we have memorised will always be a part of our prayer life - after all, the Sign of the Cross with which Catholics begin most of their prayers, is itself a prayer - over time we should learn to speak to God and to the saints as we would to our friends and families, always, of course, maintaining a proper sense of reverence.

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