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Advent Term Homework


During the ‘new class morning’, the children asked us to plan homework activities and investigations based on our topic. 

In the grid, you will find lots of different homework activities related to our topic. It is entirely up to you and your child which homework to choose. We have provided a mixture of activities as we know that in some weeks, there may be more time available for the children’s homework.  Most importantly, the children need to choose an activity that interests them and complete it in your homework book.


Homework is due in every Wednesday so the children can share the  learning  they have done at home with their class peers. Just as a reminder, completing  homework regularly is part of the 'Going  Green' ( termly treat) criteria.


We don’t want this homework to cause problems at home so please feel free to diffuse any arguments by choosing a homework task that you know that the children will want to do (this could be one that you make up for them!).


Their Commitment

•  The children only need to complete 1 activity each week.   
•  Make sure you cross off each activity and write the date you completed it on the grid.
•  The children have signed up and agreed to

  • complete their homework,
  • read every night at home,
  • learn counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s (year 1) and their 2, 5, and 10 times table (year 2) and
  • learn their spellings.


Teachers will keep a record of how your child is completing homework and it may even get awarded a sharing certificate. However, teachers won't mark homework as marking in school is used as an independent assessment tool. Occasionally, we may initial or comment though. The aim of homework in KS1 is to get children into the habit of taking responsibility for their own learning and to see the benefits of their work in school (e.g. through learning times tables, getting near full marks on spelling quizes etc.).

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