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Evaluating our Provision

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our provision for our pupils?


Typically, a child with SEN and/or disabilities will have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which sets out targets that are currently being worked on and what additional provision is put in place for that child. The content of the IEP is negotiated, as appropriate, with the child and the child’s family. This is why it is so important that parents/carers attend our termly IEP review meetings. Children’s progress is constantly monitored by the class teacher and SENco.


Staff at Bishop Ellis will also;


  • Carry out individual, group and whole school data analysis termly.
  • Evaluate any intervention/provision put in place for pupils.
  • Conduct pupil interviews and gain feedback from the children.
  • Carry out regular book monitoring.
  • Lesson observations.



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