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This week, we are focussing on words with endings which sound like/shuhl/ after a consonant letter.













We know some of you are finding it hard to scroll down the pdf copy of the book to find your chapter. Unfortunately we don't seem to be able to find individual chapters of the book online. We will let you know which page the chapters start on below and you can type this page number in the top box and press enter and it will take you straight to the start of the chapter. See image below of where to type this. 

Online PDF pg numbers (please note, view this online rather than downloading it)

Chap 15 - p49

Chap 16 - p53

Chap 17 - p56

Chap 18 - p59

Chap 19 - p64

Chap 20 - p68

Chap 21 - p73

Chap 22 - p76

Chap 23 - p80

Chap 24 - p84

Chap 25 - p88

Chap 26 - p91

Chap 27 - p94

Chap 28 - p98

Chap 29 - 101

Monday 1st March

Spelling starter- Today, we would like you to complete the spelling Powerpoint at the top of the page (at the top of this page in the spelling section).

Today, we would like you to read chapter 25. On page 153, the family finally glimpse the mountains of Switzerland. How do you think they would feel after their long and eventful journey? Tomorrow, we are going to ask you to write a description of the scene, use page 153 and the pictures below to create a word bank. Remember to choose powerful vocabulary. When  you described bombed Berlin, you used language that created sad emotions. Now, we want to use language that creates joyful emotions.

Scanned copy of chapter 25

Descriptosaurus- mountains

Tuesday 2nd March

Spelling starter- Today, we would like you to complete the wordsearch in the spelling section above- can you find all of the words?

Outcome: Can I describe a setting and develop atmosphere by choosing effective language?

Using your word bank from yesterday, we would like you to write a description of the mountains in Switzerland. Remember that we would like you to use a semi-colon and colon correctly. It is also important that you write in the third person.


Success criteria

  • Choose amazing vocabulary to describe details- create a joyful atmosphere.
  • Write in third person – don’t use ‘I’!
  • Use a semi-colon and colon correctly.
  • Choose 5 words from the statutory spelling list and try to include them in your writing- remember to spell them correctly!


When, you have finished, edit your work using the success criteria. Remember to use a dictionary to check your spelling.

Wednesday 3rd March

Spelling starter- Today, we would like you to complete the activity sheet called Code Word Jumble Puzzle. It can be found at the top of this page in the spelling section.

Today, we would like you to read Chapter 26. The chapter finishes on a cliffhanger-

“The family, as they laughed and danced for joy on the shore, thought it was. They did not know that what was in some ways their most dangerous ordeal sill lay ahead.”

There are only 3 chapters left! We would like you write your own ending to the book. What do you think will happen next? (no cheating and reading on!). What do you think will happen to each of the characters? Will they find their parents? What will happen to Jan? What could the dangerous ordeal be?

Success criteria

  • Write in the style of the book- in the third person.
  • Use a range of accurate punctuation- : ; ? - , ! 
  • Include some speech and punctuate it accurately.
  • Include description of characters and the setting.

Scanned copy of chapter 26

Thursday 4th March

Spelling starter- Today, we would like you to choose some of this week's spelling words. Remember how we practise them at school.

  • write them big
  • write them small
  • write them backwards
  • write them with your eyes closes
  • write them in different colours

World book day

Today, we would like you to read Chapter 27. Imagine that you are a reporter and that you have asked each character about the events of the chapter. What would each character say?

Give a brief recount from each character about what happened. Remember to sound like the character. Bronia’s versions events would sound very different to Jan’s or Ruth’s so try to use language to sound like them. They would also all see things differently because they experienced it from different viewpoints.

Scanned copy of chapter 27

Friday 5th March

Spelling starter- Today, we would like you to create your own puzzle/wordsearch/crossword using this week's spellings. When you send them in to Classdojo, we will share them so that other children can complete them.


We have nearly finished The Silver Sword! Today we would like you finish the book by reading chapters 28 and 29. Then, we would like you to write a book review. You can either complete the book review below or create one of your own using these questions and some of your own.

Title of book:


Summary of plot:

Description of main characters:

Favourite part, why?

Favourite character, why?

Who would enjoy this book? Why?

Would you recommend this book? Why?

Scanned copy of chapters 28 and 29