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Mrs Fothergill - Team Leader and Year 3-4 Teacher

Mrs Fothergill loves spending time with her family and loves reading a good book and eating too much chocolate.

Written by a Year 3/4 pupil

Miss Beall - Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Beall is always helping us learn and improve our work. She is always having fun and so is everyone else.

Written by a Year 4 pupil

Mrs Joshi - Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Joshi likes to bake and teach the whole class. She is very kind to us and other teachers in the school. She taught in Year 2 and she was still kind but this year she's even better. 

Written by a Year 3 child.

Miss Makowski - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Makowski is always smiling and happy. She enjoys riding her bike and likes wearing colourful scarves.

Written by a Year 4 pupil.

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *