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Reading morning

L.O: I can summarise a text clearly and concisely.


Flashback 4-


  1. Rewrite the following sentence as standard English- I seen my mates at the park last week
  2. Identify the incorrect punctuation and re-write - “Hello Bob”, said Larry.
  3. Write an expanded noun phrase about a polar bear.
  4. Rewrite this sentence and include some parenthesis- It was hot outside today. 


Listen to The Polar Express book on youtube using the link below.



Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg & read by Liam Neeson

Read aloud of the book The Polar Express by Liam Neeson



Vocabulary Activity/Shared Reading

  • Look at the vocabulary in the document below – are there any words you recognise/are unsure of? 
  • See if you can find a definition and write a descriptive sentence including those words


Reading Task - Summarising

  • Order the pictures from The Polar Express book. Arrange the pictures in chronological order and label them with numbers. 
  • When we summarise, we are supposed to be concise (giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words). This means that we only include all the important information in the book. Look at the pictures again - are all the pictures relevant/important? Which ones could we throw away and not use? Remember that all important elements of the story still need to be included so we cannot throw away any key events. Go through the pictures and keep the most important events and throw any others away.
  • Write a summary of the key events. Write in clear paragraphs, being sure to include all the important information but being concise. 





Flashback 4-


  1. Rewrite the sentence, using a comma to change the meaning- Time to eat Callum.
  2. Rewrite this sentence in the past tense- I am walking to school.
  3. Circle the relative pronoun- My friend, who has a cat, is very nice.
  4. Circle the auxiliary verb- The dog was barking outside.


Grammar Activity – Figurative Language

Read the example paragraph below. 
Underline the figurative language in one colour.


Outside the toasty house, it was as freezing as the Arctic Circle. Suddenly, I heard an incredibly loud rumble and my entire bedroom began to vibrate. I wondered what it could be… As I crept to my window and peered through the red, velvet curtains, I noticed an enormous shape approaching. The roaring monster had mist floating all around it. It was The Polar Express! Underneath the twinkling stars, the train bellowed like thunder. I put on my sumptuously soft slippers and rushed down the creaky, wooden staircase. Creak! I paused to listen for a moment, hoping I hadn’t disturbed my snoring parents. I could only hear the train humming as it halted outside the front door. As I stepped onto the blanket of snow, the wind whistled past like a musical instrument. Above the train, steam rose like my cold breath on a winter’s night.


Extension:  Record your own examples.


Planning Activity

  • Which grammar features should we include in our description? (expanded noun phrases, figurative language, ambitious vocabulary, adverbial phrases, embedded clauses for additional info in your sentence).
  • In our descriptive writing, we will be using these grammar features and thinking about what we can hear/smell/taste/touch/see to help us describe.

Then, complete the senses grid, recording their descriptive ideas. Ensure you have examples of all the features.



L.O: I can write a description of the Polar Express.


Flashback 4-

  1. What is the word class of the underlined word- Her rabbit jumps across the field.
  2. Swap the adjective for a more interesting synonym- The big train.
  3. Circle the subject in this sentence- You could win the award.
  4. Rewrite this sentence with a subordinate clause at the start- We will go to the beach. 


Writing activity

Use the marking focus sticker and stimulus image to write your description using your plan to help you. Tick off as you include features.


Once finished, use dictionaries and thesaurus to edit and improve your work. 


See below for this week's English resources.


Aut6.12.2 - Four rules with fractions

This is "Aut6.12.2 - Four rules with fractions" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Aut6.12.3 - Fractions of an amount

This is "Aut6.12.3 - Fractions of an amount" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Aut6.12.4 - Fractions of an amount - find the whole

This is "Aut6.12.4 - Fractions of an amount - find the whole" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.