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Spr6.4.1 - Order FDP

This is "Spr6.4.1 - Order FDP" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Spr6.4.2 - Percentage of an amount (1)

This is "Spr6.4.2 - Percentage of an amount (1)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Spr6.4.3 - Percentage of an amount (2)

This is "Spr6.4.3 - Percentage of an amount (2)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Spr6.4.4 - Percentages - missing values

This is "Spr6.4.4 - Percentages - missing values" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Tasks set based on ‘The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor’ and ‘The First Voyage of Sindbad’


Vocabulary Task

Match the definitions to the vocabulary

something that is carried or difficult to bear.



to bring together; mix.


to sing or make sounds with trilling or quivering notes.


not often; rarely.


very large; huge.


to call up; stir up.


something delightful or rare, esp. food.


deserving honour, respect, or reverence because of advanced age, noble character, or dignified position.


a small piece that is the right size for one bite; bit.


lacking judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people.


long or difficult work.


marked by avarice; greedy, esp. for wealth; grasping.


to go over, along, or through; cover or cross.
























Reading activity – The First Voyage of Sindbad

  1. What happened to Sindbad’s inherited wealth?
  2. Which destination did they journey towards the start with?
  3. What does Sindbad mean when he says ‘much troubled by the uneasy motion of the vessel’?
  4. What did the men mistake the whale for?
  5. Who helped Sindbad when he first arrived on land?
  6. Why do you think the Captain did not believe Sindbad was who said he was? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
  7. Explain whether you think the Captain was a good character or not in this tale?
  8. How did Sindbad earn his riches?
  9. Summarise what happened to Sindbad in this story with 5 key events.
  10. Why do you think Sindbad was so generous to the porter, Hindbad?


Grammar Task

Re-write this passage by changing the proper nouns into possessive pronouns. Use the poster below to help remind you what a possessive pronoun is.


Sienna and Paul went to the park. Sienna went on the swings first and after, Sienna went on the roundabout but fell off and grazed Sienna’s knee. Paul helped Sienna put a plaster on Sienna’s knee. Paul played in the sandpit. Paul built a sandcastle and even made a moat for Paul’s sandcastle. Sienna and Paul played on the climbing frame together. Sienna and Paul enjoyed chasing each other until it was time to go home for Sienna and Paul’s tea.


Writing task

This week we are writing a description of Sindbad’s palace.

Read through pages 106-107 of the book and identify different nouns and adjectives and figurative language to describe those nouns.

You can use the image to support your description as well.



Figurative language


melodious, soft warble of the nightingales, delicate sounds

a stream of melodious notes flew through the air











Write your ideas into full sentences using adverbials to link your ideas together.

E.g. As the melodious, delicate music flew through the air, so did the bird who was creating the soft sounds.

Remember to use paragraphs to organise your writing.

L.O: I can describe who Muhammad is, say how the first caliphate came to be formed and explain the roles and responsibilities of a caliph.

Look at the PowerPoint slides 1-6.

Use the following internet clips to learn more about the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (570 - 632 AD,) the central figure of Islam, is believed to be the last of the prophets and the last Messenger of God to mankind. 

His mawlid (birthday) is commemorated yearly on the 12th of Rabi' Al Awwal, which falls on a different day each year but is celebrated by many of his followers worldwide. To commemorate religious occasions such as Ramadan, Hajj, Migration of the prophet, His birth, Muslims follow the Hijri (Lunar) calendar. 

Activity 1

  1. Complete your Activity Sheet with details about Muhammad, how he founded Islam and the Battle of Badr.
  2. Then annotate the map to show where Mecca and Medina are.


Check this together and then continue with slides up to slide 16.


Activity 2

Your challenge:

Having found out a great of knowledge about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) your task, with a partner, is create 20 questions related to the Prophet

When you written your questions, give them a value according to difficulty. For example, easy questions worth 1 point and most difficult is 5 points. You should try and achieve 4 questions worth 1, four worth 2, 4 worth 3, 4 worth 4 and 4 worth 5 points.

You will then aim to challenge another pair and try and collect more points than your opponents.



Ask the children to share some of their questions. Can we answer the 5 point question?

What was the role and responsibility of a caliph?


What impact did Muhammad and the caliphs have on society?

Did this have an impact on why the Islamic civilization was known as the Golden Age?



Take time to look back through all you have done and especially at the key vocabulary for the topic to help you to remember what you have learned in our ‘Sources’ topic.


Create a mind map that shows the different things that you have learned about books and especially about the most important book of all – the Bible.


Celebrate with a simple Act of Worship (see lesson resources).