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Maths (4 lessons)

Aut6.10.3 - Add mixed numbers

This is "Aut6.10.3 - Add mixed numbers" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Aut6.10.4 - Add Fractions

This is "Aut6.10.4 - Add Fractions" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Aut6.10.5 - Subtract mixed numbers

This is "Aut6.10.5 - Subtract mixed numbers" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Aut6.11.1 - Subtract fractions

This is "Aut6.11.1 - Subtract fractions" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Reading lesson

Listen to the following chapters of Pig Heart Boy. Can you answer the questions below?


  1. On the last page of chapter 10, the author uses the phrase “beating around the bush”. Idiom: to talk about lots of unimportant things because you want to avoid talking about what is really important. In bird hunts some of the participants roused the birds by beating the bushes so they would fly and could be shot at
  2. The author likens Cameron’s voice after the operation to a ‘rusty frog’. What does this mean? Is it an effective simile? This means he voice was very croaky (frogs are croaky already so if it is rusty, he voice must sound especially hoarse).
  3. Chapter 11 uses the phrase, “fly on the wall”. What does this mean? To stand and observe from afar (what would someone think of the situation if those involved didn’t know anyone was listening)
  4. What are dextrose and saline? Dextrose is the name of a simple sugar that is made from corn and is chemically identical to glucose, or blood sugar. Saline is a solution of salt in water.
  5. Give examples from the text that demonstrate that Cameron feels responsible for his parents’ problems? P.109 ‘it makes me feel as if I’m responsible… because I’m ill’. ‘gnawing in the pit of my stomach’. He thinks they will break up; if the operation doesn’t work.
  6. How do we know Cameron is trying to pretend that everything is OK? Why is behaving like this? He doesn’t want to hug his parents of he will cry. He smiles at everyone who comes into the room. He doesn’t want them to worry or think he’s a ‘real baby’.
  7. What might Dad be thinking and feeling out in the garden as he talks to Cameron? Own opinion
  8. What might Marlon be thinking and feeling as he talks to Cameron on the phone? Own opinion
  9. ‘Anything worth having is worth fighting for’. What does this saying mean? What does it mean to you? It means that the things we truly want aren’t always easy and they are worth the effort involved to get to the end goal.
  10. Why do you think it’s important to Cameron to keep his camcorder with him? He wants to be able to document his experience for his baby brother or sister, in case something goes wrong.
  11. Why do you think it would be good for Cameron to get up so soon after the operation? This will encourage your blood to flow and your wounds to heal, and will build up strength in your muscles
  12. What baby name does Cameron decide upon and why? Alex (because Alexander can be used for a boy and Alexandra for a girl)
  13. Would you say Cameron has a positive or negative outlook in chapter 12? What evidence can you find to support your answer? (Remember to use quotation marks if you take a phrase or sentence from the book!) Positive: ‘it must be brilliant to be rich [about his hospital room]!’ ‘I had to believe that everything would be fine. I had to have faith’ ‘That’s one of the things I’ve been most looking forward to… telling Alex…I’m still standing’ ‘I know it’s going to work’
  14. At the start of chapter 13, there is a simile and a metaphor used. Can you find them? ‘It rushed at me like a Eurostar train’ ‘A spear of pain shot through me’
  15. Summarise what you think Cameron was thinking and feeling on page 100 when he learns what Marlon has done. Own opinion
  16. Summarise the key details of the article about Cameron. Bullet point your list. – Pig heart transplant details – Dr Bryce’s job – His mother’s opinion about op – controversy of xenotransplantation – Friends quotations

Planning  and writing (2 lessons)

Look at the newspaper article from chapter 13. Cameron has suddenly become infamous. Why is this?

Look at the speeches below. What makes them memorable? Which do you prefer and why?


Consider the following points:


  1. Human organ transplantation faces a significant challenge because the need for this procedure far exceeds the availability of donor organs
  2. Approximately 10 people die each day waiting for organs to become available.
  3. "Xenotransplantation," or the process of transplanting cells, tissues or organs from one species to another is being explored.
  4. Rejection, in which the recipient’s body attacks the new organ like an infection, is the greatest practical obstacle to xenotransplantation.
  5. Humans share many similarities with pigs in terms of tissue, organs etc.
  6. Is this ethical for the animals involved? Should animals be experimented on/sacrificed? (Animal rights and welfare groups)
  7. Can this be done in a humane way for the pigs involved? Is this any different from pigs being bred for the sole purpose of being consumed by humans as food?
  8. Animal rights activists can get very angry about this – is it safe for everyone involved?


In books, write key points being made (at least 3 in detail – each explained). For each, write at least 2 sentences you will include, ensuring you have used a range of the success criteria features above.


Modelled text:

Look at WAGOLLs and identify features and list together. Write introduction (modelled write)

Success criteria:

  • Emotive language
  • Repetition
  • short, sharp sentences
  • paragraph for each main idea
  • adverbials to sign post
  • causal conjunctions
  • modal verbs
  • restate opinion in both intro and conclusion
  • appealing to listeners (second person).


Xenotransplantation (transplanting an animals organ into a human) is a controversial and experimental procedure. However, it is vital in ensuring many young people, like Cameron, survive. There are simply not enough organs. If Cameron or others like him were to wait, if they went onto the transplant list alone, if they waited, then they may not be here to tell their story.


Firstly, organ donation is a highly effective way to prolong the lives of very sick children.

Writing activity:

Use planning notes from yesterday to write speech. Ask children to include at least the three points they have planned for.