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I have come that you may have life - life in all its fullness (John 10:10)

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Week Commencing 2.11.20

 Lesson 5 ( L5) - Recall the features of an Instruction text

Title- Sub headings- bullet points- steps as numbers- Time words( First, Next, Then Finally)- Top Tip

Use the 'planning documents' to write your ideas and key information for your instruction text on  'How to get ready for hometime' when you are at school.


Lesson 6 ( L6) - Write a  set of instructions titled 'How to get ready for Hometime' using the features your recalled in Lesson 5. Remember to use full stops, capital letters and full stops.

Challenge: Can you  include conjunctions like  and, or, butbecause and when?


Lesson 7 ( Planning) and Lesson 8 ( L7) Describe a setting

Describe a  garden setting in autumn using your senses to help you. Use the planning sheet to write down keywords in each of the sections to organise your ideas.


Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Explain that they will be looking out for everyday materials being used in different ways as you walk around your home.

Model how to fill in the Spotting Uses of Everyday Materials Out and about Activity Sheet. Can  your child explain what different materials can be used for? Encourage children to see if they can group similar uses together. Can  your child make observations? Are they able to record their observations? If possible, let child take photos of the different uses on camera or tablets.  After your walk around your home and garden, what different uses did they find?

Is there any way we can group some similar uses together?

Encourage your child to think of materials which may be used for similar purposes, for example materials used for building.

Unusual Uses: Go through any unusual uses of materials they spotted and discuss why those materials might have been chosen for that purpose.

 Lesson 7 -What happens at a Baptism?


Every week at Mass, Catholics recite the Creed which the song is based upon. These beliefs are also found in the Baptismal Promise that is a part of the Rite of Baptism. Parents and Godparents promise to share their faith and beliefs with the person being baptised as they grow up.



  1. Put the different parts of the Rite of Baptism into order ( see  ordering picture)- discuss what happens at each point
  2.  recaps what happens at Baptism, revisiting symbols of Baptism and the Rite of Baptism
  3. Key questions-What will you see at a Baptism? Who may be at a Baptism?Why do families bring babies to be baptised? ( see Church story 2 pg 90)
  4. Activity( pick one of the following):

Emerging - What happens at a Baptism? Draw pictures onto storyboard to match sentences (print on A3)

Expected - What happens at a Baptism? Write simple sentences and draw pictures (print on A3)

Exceeding - What happens at a Baptism? Create a booklet with pictures and descriptions