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Year 2 Homework, Spelling and Helping at Home

Dear Parents and Carers


We have been so impressed with how hard the children have worked this term. We also know how much they have enjoyed the Plants and Animals (Living off the Land) topic which we are sure is due to the fact that they helped to plan our trip to Watermead Park and let us know at the start of term what they wanted to learn. They still have some unanswered questions such as “Why do different types of tree have different thicknesses of bark?” and “How do leaves grow?”, which may have to wait until the children start their GCSEs! We have been amazed at what questions they asked and learning took place on the trip so thank you for supporting it and allowing the children to attend.


Our next topic is Castles and to support their learning, we will be visiting Warwick Castle in the summer term. The authorisation and payment details will be sent to you via ParentMail and we will send more details about the trip nearer the time. As the trip will need a financial contribution, we wanted to you let you know as soon as possible.


For homework over Easter, we have sent the children home with a selection of sheets to help them in their SATs. We have already shown them sample SATs maths, reading and spelling/grammar papers and they have done really well. The hardest thing for us as teachers is that we are NOT allowed to help the children during any of the tests and so they really need to get used to the style of questions and exam technique. The children have to be self-sufficient. What would really help them is to practise and get used to the style of questions that they will see at the start of May. We do not expect them to complete them all but we know that if they can work through some at home (where they feel relaxed and are in a familiar environment), they will be in a great position to do their very best in the tests.


We have also put together a few guided examples of how we teach the children how to solve certain problems in maths and the terms and definition to support the reading and spelling/grammar paper. They are very familiar with these methods but we thought that the sheets would also help you to help the children. We will post up additional support information to these pages over the Easter holiday.


Finally, thanks for all of your ongoing support. It really is appreciated and we wish you a happy and holy Easter.


Best wishes


Mrs McManus and Mr Haresign

Each week, we would like the children to choose their own homework from the activities on the topic homework grid. You will see that some of the activities may take longer than others so please discuss which activity they have time for (particularly if you have a very busy weekend coming up).


The children have also been given a weekly times table challenge to complete - it should take no longer than 10 minutes a week to complete. You can download it from the link below. There is also a chart in their homework book which will help them to realise how much better they are getting at learning their times tables as the weeks go on. 


They know that the more time they put in chanting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s on the way to and from home, school, going to swimming, while swimming etc, the faster their times will be and more importantly, the happier they will feel when using maths.

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *