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Y2 Lenten Fundraising - Run to the Alps for Matty

Lenten Fundraising for Year 2 – A Relay Race to the French Alps!

UPDATE! Thanks so much to everyone who was able to sponsor one of the year 2 children. To date (8th April), we have raised over £280. We will still be continuing with the occasional run as we missed a few days due to the snowy weather!
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This year, the year 2 staff and children at are going to try and attempt to run a relay race to the French Alps and back over Lent. Sadly, our head teacher won't authorise the trip so we're having to run in the school grounds. Every morning, the children and teaching staff will be attempting to run a mile before they start work and over Lent, the aim is for everyone to run at least a marathon. Our combined target is 1500 miles and a HUGE thank you to everyone who can sponsor us.


We're raising money for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People and especially for a pupil who used to be at Bishop Ellis. At the age of 13 and just before Christmas in 2016, Matty Hatton was diagnosed with a brain tumor, known as medulloblastoma. He's currently on a 48-week course of chemotherapy, as well as radiotherapy and he's both a fighter and a superstar, just like your children! Once you're at Bishop Ellis, you're always at Bishop Ellis so he's one of ours!


To sponsor your child, all you need to do is to text RUNO49 £5 (That is the word RUNO then the numbers 49) to 70070  . They accept donations of £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10. Alternatively, you can visit and submit any amount using the donate button. Finally, we can accept cash donations. The school will bank them and submit a manual payment to the JustGiving page.


Thanks so much for your support.


Miss Mistry, Miss Monk, Mrs McManus, Miss Hughes and Mr Haresign

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