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What's Changed! - Blog

 This Blog is about the changes we are spotting around the school, inside and out, due to the new building.

These are the changes we noticed in the Autumn Term:



Trees 1

As you may have notice, many of our beautiful, gigantic trees have been cut down. However, do not panic it is all for a good reason and that is to allow the the big trucks to come in and out. Following our meeting with the Project Manager, we have discover that 14 more new trees will be planted once the builders have finished their work !

You may  also be pleased to know, that most of the wood from  the trees has been recycledsurprise. For instance, some  of the wood was chipped and put into our woods, the larger logs  are being used in our Forest School  and some wood has been used for wood burners.

Play Area

Play Area 1

Many of us were sad to see our beloved adventure playground go as we have had fond memories playing on it. However, this was dismantled to make a path so the builder can access the field.

To our utter joy, we were delighted to see that an 'Climbing Wall' had been put up for our pleasure!!!!

New Climbing Wall

New Climbing Wall 1

School Council Meets with Project Manager

School Council Meets with Project Manager 1

At the end of Spring 1, the School Council had the pleasure of meeting up with the Project manager  to ask him some curious questions.

Question-What happens to the soil you dig up?

 Answer- It gets carted away and recycled. The top soil is used on golf courses whilst the deeper soil gets cleaned and then distributed across the country.



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