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Welcome to Year 3/4

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Welcome to Year 3/4


There are 3 classes in Year 3/4 and the teachers are;


  • Miss Filsell (Team leader)

  • Mrs Fothergill and Mrs Tuck

  • Mrs Padzinski


Please come and see us if you have any questions or would like to speak to us about your child. We do ask that if you would like to speak to us for a longer period of time, that it is best to make an appointment or find us after school and that first thing in the morning when the children are coming in is a time when we need to be settling our classes in.



It is really important to still read with your child. If you could aim to read for a short time each day, it makes a real difference to their progress. Children are encouraged to change their books regularly and read daily at school. The children a rewarded with a smilie at school if they have read the previous evening.


PE and swimming

Each class does PE twice a week and need indoor and outdoor PE kits in school. We start swimming after Christmas and go every Friday until Easter.

We hope that you have found this leaflet useful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *