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The school's 50th Anniversary Celebration Day

Our school‘s 50th Celebration Day

 As our school is celebrating its 50Th anniversary this year, the school council have decided to mark this memorable occasion by dressing through the decades that the school has been opened.

Friday , 7th June, is the ‘celebration day’. On this day, we would like the children to come to school dressed in the cloths of their allocated decade (see the table below). 

The dressing up does not need to be expensive. Using and adapting what you own will be fine. It can be as simple as wearing your favourite football top but with the name of the relevant player at that time pinned onto the shirt.  However, if you wish, you can go full out or you could be as extravagant as you wish. You might want to research the clothes and style of your allocated decade.



Miss Mould and Mrs Franklin

 The 60s

Mrs Campana and Miss Turnell

 The 70s

Mrs Padzinski, Mrs Fothergill and Miss Beall

The 80s

Mr Haresign and MrsHughes / Mrs McManus

The 90s

Mr Jackson, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Gough/ Mrs Verity

The 2000s


A celebration party will also take place in classes. Details will be discussed in individual classes nearer the time.

We hope all the children will enjoy this event as it will allow us to look back at the years the school has been opened and consider what it might have been like to be at our school during these years.

Many thanks

The School Council

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