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The Great British Spring Clean


Today in our Eco-warrior meeting,we discussed an exciting event that is coming up in March: Keep Britain Tidy's The Great British Spring Clean! We have decided that we are going to go to a local area to do a litter pic during the event - watch this space for photos!


We have also set a target to clean up the dinner hall. Too much mess is being left at the end of lunchtime by children dropping litter. We are going to do an assembly to remind the whole school about dropping littler and why it is bad. Then we are going to monitor the hall for the month to see if the little problem improves!


We are very excited for the event and can't wait to make a difference.


Jess and the Eco-Warriors


Our gardening afternoon - 17.1.19


This afternoon we took pleasure in working on the year 2 gardening area with some great help from Keelan and Louka's Grandpa and Katelyn, Faith and Isla's Grandpa too! We moved all of the leaves that had fallen during the autumn, weeded the planting boxes and planted a few bulbs too. It was very hard work - we brushed, dug and raked all afternoon! We definitely needed a break by the end of the day and enjoyed our biscuits at the end. Thank you so much to our helpers who volunteered there time to help us sort the garden area ready for spring. And a special thank you to Mrs Geraghty for helping us too!


During our meeting before the gardening session, we discussed what plants we would like to plant and also how we would decorate the garden area. We would really like to grow some food that we can then share with the school and also plant flowers to attract as much wildlife as possible. We were thinking of having bird boxes, bug hotels and making some new decorations for the outside area. So watch this space!


The Eco Warriors

Our gardening afternoon

Answers, answers, answers! - The interview with the new build manager - 13.12.18


Today we met with Lee, the manager of the building project. We asked him a lot of eco-friendly questions about how much more eco friendly our new school will be. He told us that it will be much better than our school at the minute. For example, all of the windows will be double glazed to save our heat; the radiators and boiler will all be more fuel efficient; the walls are well insulated which will save on our energy use and keep the noise out too. He also told us that we will have a forest school area in the new school, which we are really pleased about!


We are really excited about our new school and we can't wait to have a more eco-friendly environment to learn in!!


By The Eco-Warriors

Questions, Questions, Questions!! - 29.11.18


At the meeting today we discussed about how we could make the new school more ECO FRIENDLY. We decided that we should add more bins to encourage students to throw litter in the recycle bin instead of polluting the school grounds. We also wanted to add more water-butts to collect water for the plants. We would want to use the trees that have been chopped down for a sort of recycled playground. We also need double glazed windows to keep the majority of the warm air inside.

In two weeks, we are going to have a meeting with the Project Manager of the new build, Lee. We are going to ask him lots of questions about how eco-friendly the new school will be and give him all of our suggestions.


Watch this space for the answers!


Liddia and the Eco Warriors


Our Environmental Review 15.11.18


Today, we all met again to fill in the Environmental Review of our school. We worked together to answer the questions in the booklet all about things like litter, energy, marine life and waste. Our school scored well from all of the improvements that we have made already, but we found some areas that we would like to improve on this year. We will now use our review to set our new Eco Warrior targets and come up with some ideas of how we are going to tackle this problems!


Ben & the Eco Warriors

Our first eco meeting - 1.11.18


At our first meeting all eco-warriors worked together to refresh the school's Eco Code. We wrote an eco-rhyming poem and a acrostic poem. These poems are going to be put up all round the school, so you can see what we have created and remember how to keep our school eco friendly!


Love Olivia and the rest of th eco-warriors

(Ben, Liddia, Jess, Edward, Arthur, John, Keelen and Rhys)

* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *