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Sport at Bishop Ellis


At Bishop Ellis, we really value sport and our aim is to get every child active whether they are a team player or they enjoy individual pursuits. To this end, we organise a number of clubs over the year such as tennis, judo, football, cross country, multi-sports, dance and basketball.


Every year, the school enters a number of inter-school sports’ competitions including netball, football, rugby, swimming, basketball and cross country for girls and boys. This year there are also some in-school competitive sports for all children in years 3-6 who enjoy competing. These clubs are free and take place at lunchtimes and run by our sports coach. See our sports’ noticeboard.


Every class has two PE lessons per week and we ensure the PE curriculum is fully covered. All children from Year 2-Year 6 have swimming lessons over the year and the school employs two qualified swimming coaches to run these sessions.


The Four Plus children also have a very active learning environment. They are out and about throughout the day, subject to good weather, engaging in active learning as well as having two sessions of organised PE each week.


In year 6, pupils go on a 5 day PGL residential to Caythorpe where they get an opportunity to try out some adventurous outdoor pursuits such as kayaking and high ropes.


Just over a year ago, the school achieved the silver level of the Sports Kite Mark standard, in recognition of all the effort the school puts into PE, and how much being active is valued. Over the past year, we have embedded all the silver criteria, and began moving towards gold. This year we are aiming for gold standard (additional details below).


Interim Evaluation Report Sports Premium Money 2016-2017

This year the school is receiving £9,484 to enhance sport in the school. This is how it has impacted so far.




Provide release time to lead and manage the PE provision and attend sports’ competitions.


Staff released/employed to attend school competitions; release time to ensure quality assurance of outside providers (teaching and assessment).

Impact: The school remains keen to enter into as many inter school events as is practical, and to that end, the school has released several members of staff in order for the children to participate in a wide range of sports. These include: a season long football league (runners up), a football cup competition (runners up), a swimming gala (runners up), a tag rugby competition (winners) and the football Leicester FC challenge (joint winners). The pupils have also participated in several friendly B & C team and girls-only football matches and a series of cross country runs. Before the school year ends, we are entered into another 10 further competitions across 7 sports.

Provide subsidised clubs at lunchtimes and after-school for children to compete in inter-school and intra-school competitions.

Major Oak sports coach.

An increased proportion of children compete in sports competitions; pupil confidence and resilience increases; continued excellent links with local schools sports council; children receive positive high quality tuition from coach; transport costs, where needed are covered.

Although the number of girls who are active at school is a positive, there will be a focus this year on further increasing girls participation in sport, and we will have a dedicated girls after school multi-sport club.

We are going for gold! To achieve the gold kite mark we will maintain the criteria for silver and additionally increase both intra school and inter school competitive sport, with reserve teams if possible. We will build on our links with outside sports clubs, if children want to continue, or find, a sport outside school hours.

Impact: The inter school competition model is working well, and we are on track to fulfil our obligations as part of going for gold. We have had 3 B team and 1 C team football matches, and have, or will be involved in, 8 intra and 10 inter school competitions. There has been some published reports on the website.

With the gold kitemark in mind, the school is developing links with local clubs, so children can continue their sporting growth outside of school. There are current links with Shultz Football Academy, Leicester Forest Cycling and Syston Tennis Club.

The timetable has not allowed the dedicated girls' club to happen this year, but we are looking to organise the coaching timetable to allow this to happen in the future. However, girls participation has increased in some intra events. There were 22 girls in the netball, up from 17 last year, and 10 year 3/4 girls and 22 year5/6 girls took part in football, up from 8 and 15 respectively last year.

Provide professional development in sport for teachers.

Major Oak; School

Staff needs are identified; teachers work alongside sports coaches and expertise and confidence in teaching sport increase, leading to higher quality teaching.

Impact:The analysis again shows that the staff welcome this CPD. There has been a range of staff CPD needs, including gymnastics, invasion games and dance. The positive impact of this CPD can be summed up in this typical comment from the evaluation: ‘I am more confident in supporting children with key PE vocabulary and ensuring their safety when balancing’.

Provide equipment


Replace PE equipment.

The school replaced all of the indoor floor mats. This will help protect the children when doing floor work during lessons.

Total cost:

£9, 484



Evaluation of Impact of Sports Premium Money 2015-2016


In 2015-2016, the school has received £8,815 to enhance sport in the school. This is how we have spent it. This is an interim evaluation of how we will spend it/has been spent. Full evaluation will take place at the end of the summer term 2016.







Outcomes & Impact July 2016:

Provide release time to lead and manage the PE provision and attend sports’ competitions.



School £1250

Staff released/employed to attend school competitions; release time to ensure quality assurance of outside providers.

Impact: The school has entered several diverse inter school competitions of interest to boys and girls and released staff to attend. This has proven successful with several high placings, including team and individual medals).

These include, but are not, limited to:

Y6 multi-sports (1st place) including the good attitude award winners.

Swimming (1st place in Charnwood & 3rd place across the county)

Basketball (1st place)

Netball (1st place)

The PE coordinator has been released to monitor the quality of teaching of PE provided by Major Oak in collaboration with the provider, with good effect.

Provide free or subsidised clubs at lunchtimes and after-school for children to compete in inter-school and intra-school competitions.



Major Oak sports coach.



Continue to achieve silver standard and gold aspects that are relevant to a school of our size. In particular increase the proportion of girls and disadvantaged children who participate in school sport.

Impact: this is ongoing and data is being collected to best target the needs of this initiative. Initial analysis of impact shows increased girls’ participation in intra school (open to all KS2 children) competitions, e.g. the last 2 intra competitions were bocchia (a target game) and basketball. Upper KS2 girls made up 50% of both teams. Also, in basketball intra competitions for example, the average uptake from disadvantaged children was over 50% and in Year 3 100% of the disadvantaged children took part. An increased number of girls and disadvantaged children entered inter school competitions, where we met with greater success, including several championships and individual medals.

Further research is being carried by the PE co-ordinator which will include analysis of a recent PE pupil survey.

Provide professional development in sport for teachers.



Major Oak & Swimming Specialist Teachers.



Staff increase their confidence in teaching other areas of sport related to individual staff need.

 Impact: the focus has been on swimming, and teachers are now more able to demonstrate good quality poolside swimming lessons with increased confidence and knowledge, especially for poor and non-swimmers. A secondary focus was athletics which was requested by upper KS2 teachers, which took place in the summer term.

Feedback from staff suggests that staff have appreciated this CPD and have used it to increase their knowledge, understanding and method of teaching PE, and have prepared more challenging PE lessons as a result of CPD.


Provide equipment

School £1100

Replacement of general PE equipment.

Total cost:

£8 815





We are always looking to the future, and as such there is an on-going CPD effect, where the growing confidence and skill in teachers PE practice will produce a higher standard of planning and lesson input.  The staff CPD will continue into the foreseeable future. There is a previous mention of girls and disadvantaged children, and to enhance our provision, we plan to have an after school club exclusive to girls, which will be led by Major Oak. There is consultation with KS2 girls to get their ideas as to what they want, which will dovetail into the schools plan. For the disadvantaged children, we have made guardians more aware of what is available (e.g. OSH clubs could be paid for).

Following consultation with the children and starting in the new term, we plan to refine intra school competitions to make them more accessible through a wider range of sports, have an intra school cup, a sliding scale of house points for winners and participants, and greater leadership of competitions from the house captains and participants e.g. more referees.

Evaluation of Sports Premium Money 2014-2015


In 2014-2015, the school received £8,815 to enhance sport in the school. This is how we spent it.


Initiative Providers Impact of Provision
Provide release time to lead and manage the PE provision and attend sports’ competitions. School£1250 The school achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark Silver Level in June 2015. This means the school has: provided all pupils with at least 2 hours of PE per week and at least 35% of pupils engage in extra curricula sporting activities every week; enabled pupils to compete with other schools and against each other in school in line with the requirements for silver; enabled at least 10% of pupils to lead a sporting activity; and has links with Syston Rugby Club, Leicester Forest Cycling Club, Ivanhoe Tennis Club (Rothley), Charnwood Triathlon Club and the local British Judo Association.
Provide subsidised clubs at lunchtimes and after-school for children to compete in inter-school and intra-school competitions. Major Oak sports coach.£4560 72% of pupil regularly attend an out of school hours club (including school-based clubs). School to school competitions include: netball, cross country, football, basketball, tag rugby, cricket, multi-sports, cycling (Curve Ride). There were also intra school competitions and clubs for these sports except cycling. Successes include:  runners-up for cricket at county level, runners-up for netball, football and multi-sports at borough level and the school made it through to the cross country, tag rugby and basketball county finals. Pupils’ confidence and resilience has increased. The school continues to have excellent links with the local schools sports council.
Provide professional development in sport for teachers. Major Oak;School swimming coach.£2550 Staff have increased their confidence in teaching swimming and gymnastics. 
Provide equipment School£500 Replacement of general PE equipment. 
Total cost: £8 815


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