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Spellings in Year 6 are taught in class groups with sessions usually taking place 4 times a week.  All children will be expected to practice their spelling rules and/or word list at home in preparation for a weekly spelling test, which will usually be on a Monday.  Spelling tests may be based on a list of words that the children have learnt that week or they may be more random, based on a rule or pattern that the children have been learning.  Some children may be asked to stay in at lunchtime to practice their spellings if they do not score well on their weekly spelling tests.


In Year 6 the children must understand the importance of accurate spelling in their written work as well as in their spelling tests.  Therefore, careful proofreading and dictionary work is encouraged in all lessons; children cannot achieve the standard expected for their age in writing if their spellings are not accurate in their independent writing.

Year 5/6 Tricky Word List

Year 5/6 Tricky Word List 1
* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *