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Monday 10th October

We arrived safely and have stuffed ourselves for dinner. Today was chicken with tomato sauce, cottage pie or cannelloni. Tonight's activity is wacky races. Everyone is fine and happy! 



Tuesday 11th October

Good morning! We had a good night last night and the children all had fun at the 'Wacky Races'. We had a delicious breakfast this morning to prepare ourselves for the exciting day ahead and are looking forward to all of the activities, especially the Giant Swing and Kayaking.



The children have had a fabulous day and enjoyed all their activities - Giant Swing, Kayaking, Vertical Challenge and Sensory Trail. They are all in good spirits(!) and are well and happy, having lots of fun. We're not sure that Caythorpe Court has enough food to sustain the children's appetites - it's safe to say that they're eating well!

This evening's activity is 'Splash!' and the children will have to work in teams to invent and make a protective cover for a water balloon, which will then be dropped from the top of an abseiling tower by an instructor.

Wednesday 12th October

Good morning from Caythorpe Court! The children have all had a good night's sleep and have eaten a hearty breakfast! Activities today will include Kayaking, Archery and Rifle Shooting.

We are proud of the children's behaviour and the excellent reports that we are getting from the instructors and other staff at Caythorpe Court following the activities The children are being very kind and supportive towards each other and are having a fantastic time.

Thursday 13th October

All the groups have been raft-building today, which has been highly amusing for the teachers!  We have had a great morning, with lots of climbing and rather a lot of falling in the lake and getting wet. This afternoon we are fencing and abseiling.  Dinner tonight is a choice of chicken curry and rice, lasagne or roasted vegetable lasagne - everyone is still eating very well.  Our evening activity is campfire (possibly involving marshmallows!).  All the instructors continue to say lovely things about our wonderful children so we are very proud of them all.

Friday 14th October


On our last day at Caythorpe we completed our final activities - the challenge course and trapeze.  Both of these included lots of team work and the children all encouraged each other really well.  On our final talk with Josh, our wonderful group leader, he thanked all the children for being so brilliant and told them all how what a fantastic group they had been.  


Now we are all home - a bit tired and slightly grubby but full of great memories.  We are all so very proud of the children: they encouraged each other, grew in confidence and achieved things they didn't think they could do.  The kindness and support they showed each other was lovely to see, whether that was giving someone a hug because they missed home or trying to help them overcome their fear of heights.  What amazing children you all are!


Thank you, year 6, for a brilliant week! Have fun looking through all the photos (when we eventually get them all up!)



* Love God * Aspire to be the Best * Be Honest * Forgive * Care *