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Assessing SEND

How are pupils with SEND identified and assessed?


Bishop Ellis pupils are identified as having SEND through a variety of ways, including the following;


  • Concerns raised by the class teacher, for example, behaviour or self-esteem is affecting performance.
  • Concerns raised by parent.
  • Child performing below age related expected levels.
  • Liaison with external agencies.
  • Health diagnosis through paediatrician.


Once a child has been identified as having SEND, we follow these steps;


  • Teacher raises concern with the SENco.
  • Teacher raises the concern with the parent and together a Cause for concern sheet is completed and discussed. At this meeting, steps are put in place to support the child and targets set.
  • The child is monitored for a short time and following this period the SENco will review the Cause for concern sheet with the teacher and parent.
  • After this time, if it is still felt that the child is having difficulties then an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is drawn up and any involvement from outside agencies (if required) are requested.



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