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Miss Filsell

Miss Filsell  1

Miss Filsell is an incredibly kind teacher who always looks after her class and the children in the school.  She goes swimming twice a week and loves it so much. She always has a pen behind her ear and loves to talk. Miss Filsell loves to read and talks about books a lot!  She always has a favourite book because she changes her favourite every day, every week, every month and every year!

By Ciara- Year 3

Mrs Flynn

Mrs Flynn 1

Mrs Flynn loves creativity. She's kind at lunch and all the time too. She likes to laugh and enjoys reading. She's good at displays and she wears bright coloured T-shirts. She helps a lot of people at lunch time and likes to take care of people.

By Ryan- Year 3

Mrs Fothergill

Mrs Fothergill 1

Mrs Fothergill likes swimming for exercise, enjoys reading and loves chocolate. Mrs Fothergill is my teacher for this year. I like Mrs Fothergill because she is very funny and I'm glad that she is my teacher for this year.

By Kate-Year 3

Mrs Padzinski

Mrs Padzinski 1

Mrs Padzinski rocks! She loves listening to music and always has a smile on her face. Although she sometimes shouts, she loves to laugh. Her dark black hair bobs up and down and her brown eyes shimmer. One of Mrs Padzinski's favourite places in a on a patterned dancefloor.

By Erin W- Year 4

Miss Perry

Miss Perry 1
Miss Perry is a great helper around the classroom. She is always smiling and laughing. She is happy and kind and is always fair to other people. She works at lunchtimes to help as well.

Mrs Tuck

Mrs Tuck 1
Mrs Tuck is a really kind teacher. She is always smiling and likes to help other people. She loves dancing and music and is a really good dancer. She works in class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mrs Webb

Mrs Webb 1

Mrs Webb works in the library. She works so very hard. She loves chocolate. When she is not at school, she either walks miles or works on her garden, looking after her beautiful flowers. If you are upset or worried, she is the person to talk to.

By Emma- Year 4

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